Monday, January 25, 2010


I called this morning to check in on my Mother.

"I'm so exhausted, I had such a busy weekend."
What did you do?
"I went out for dinner last night."
I thought you went out for dinner with G___ on Saturday.
"Well, maybe, and then I skipped church, I was so exhausted."

So, here it is, Monday, and my Mother is still recuperating for being taken out to dinner two days ago. That's all she did since last Thursday.

Is she giving up? Is she crawling deeper into her hole of isolation? Is she exhausted because she's not eating? What does she do all day? Rattle around in her house.

I'll see you tomorrow. Think of something fun you'd like to do.
"I don't have to go someplace all the time. We don't always have to go out .... getting ready..."

Am I hearing that it is too much trouble to wash up and get dressed?
Is she afraid of places that aren't her home?