about this blog

Hello dear reader,

The blog "with and without her" is a place where I can journal, rant, scream, cry, and remember what is happening to me and my relationship with my Mother.

Mom had vascular dementia and maybe frontotemporal dementia. This disease transformed her from an outgoing, creative, independent, loving woman into an angry, lost, and confused person.

November 2010, I moved Mom, against her will, from her house to an assisted living residence.  I call it "Stuvwxyz" in the blog.

March 2014 Mom passed away. She caught pneumonia and it took her quickly.

This blog is anonymous. I do that out of respect for my Mother's privacy. I would like to keep this blog anonymous, please remember that if you leave a comment. Thank you!

This blog is also for you, you who also know someone with dementia, Alzheimer's dementia or some other kind.

I have been blessed with great family and friends. They have been there for me, and Mom. 

I am also thankful for the Alzheimer's Association - they have been a great help.

Put them on your speed-dial.