Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We all have them, rechargeable battery operated devices: screwdriver, drill, phone, dustbuster, grass clippers, stick-broom, boom-box... and each comes with a charger. An outlet plug on one end next to the heavy transformer cube then a cord and finally some strange device-specific plug on the other end.

I wanted to remount the hooks for my Mother's bird feeders, and I was looking for the cordless drill.
The bears had ripped the feeders down. I'm guessing it was the bears, what else could rip off two hooks, each held on by four 2" screws and bend all the screws into L shapes.

I had another long and hard argument with my Mother about feeding the birds beyond the winter. I know she loves to feed the birds, I do too. She has a wonderful variety of birds that visit her in the winter. However!! She has seen the bears wander through her yard. She has a friend who had bears inside her mudroom looking for birdseed.

A couple of years ago, she had two of her 6' wrought iron feeder hangers folded in half by the bears. Why do you want to invite the bears onto the porch? It is now spring, the birds can fend for themselves! Your little screen door is not going to keep any bear out of your mudroom. And you certainly don't want to come home and surprise a bear who got into your mudroom first!

So what has all this to do with cordless adapters? I wanted to use the cordless drill. I found the drill but it needed to be charged. I couldn't find the adapter. Is it in the drawer under the lamp? Is it under the sink? In the garage? In the gardening tool bag? I finally found it, it was with ALL the other adapters and chargers. Each one was in a zip-top plastic bag and they were all together in the dresser in the extra bedroom.

All of them, a dozen black chargers, that go to some appliance or tool, somewhere.

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