Sunday, June 13, 2010

who died

Eve called my Mom last month, I was there at the time. From the other room I did not hear the conversation, I did not know who called. They were chatting for a long time.
Later that day she shares with me that Eve called, I know she has a few friends named Eve.
How is she? I asked.
"She's still living in Florida. She's fine." Mom relates. Now I'm pretty sure which Eve this is.
Is Eve still living with her son and his family?
"I don't know, she didn't say."
What's new with her?
"I don't know, she didn't say."
So, I don't ask any more questions.

A week later, Mom tells me that Eve's brother has died, he was Mom's friend too.
When I ask Mom how she found out, she told me that Eve called and told her.
Yes, she told her that day I was there. But, Mom couldn't keep that very important piece of information in the front of her thoughts. She didn't remember what was said on the phone once she started telling her stories. She probably did not say she was sorry about his death, or ask how his wife was doing, or inquire about the wake or funeral. Did she even acknowledge his death? Her conversations have become very ones-sided, very self centered, I know it's part of her dementia. Everything now is her, everything is all about her. This is so different from how Mom use to be.

I checked the obituary, we missed his wake and funeral.
When I told Mom it was too late, she said of course we missed them, he died in Florida.
No, Mom, he and his wife live up here, he died at home, we could have gone to his funeral, I would have driven you, if only I had known, if only you could have told me. Eve, her brother, and his wife were very good to you after Dad died, when you were alone.

Should I apologize for my Mother's uncaring, crass, non-compassionate, mindless behavior? It is mindless, thoughtless. These words have a sharpness to them, as I type them tonight. She is thoughtless in a way she can't recognize, the kind of behavior she can't apologize for; actions and behavior she would have never tolerated from her own children.

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