Monday, October 25, 2010

sick and tired

My heart is so heavy. My spirit is so sad.

Mom and I went for lunch at the assisted living residence where I hope she will be moving.
She clammed up, would hardly talk to anyone, and had nothing nice to say about anything. I could tell by the smoke coming from her ears that she was very angry at me for bringing her there.

Tonight, I heard from one of her friends that Mom does not want to go live with "those drooly people." Her friend gave her a reprimand, to be more compassionate. I was surprised at Mom's observation, as I saw no "drooly people", just a bunch of ladies having lunch with their friends and family.

What awaits me when I go see Mom tomorrow?
Will she yell at me or will she stay in stony silence?

I am so tired.


NewKidontheBlogg said...


So sad to read this--for you and your mom.

I wonder if I am droopy sometimes. When I have been depressed about my husband's ALZ he notices and cheers me up. I am challenged to really connect with him when I can.

Being an ALZ caregiver is so hard.


Sheri said...


Are hearts are heavy with you...
Sheri Z. Living in the shadow of Alzheimers