Tuesday, March 15, 2011

learn the numbers

Here is the new video from the Alzheimer's Association.
View it and weep.
Share it and create awareness.

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rainsinger said...

My testimonial of numbers: In the last 3 months alone I have personally provided 1538 hours of unpaid care. My husband and daughter another 147. I have paid outside caregivers an hourly wage of 18.50(including the agency fee) for another 219 hours so I can get to support group and work a little outside. My friends and her church friends have helped with an additional 16 hours of unpaid help. My sister has stepped up and her family has helped with 28 hours of free help as well. These are my numbers. That is just 3 months and does not include her care for any respite which is coming up and comes out of our pocket. I feel these numbers in my very tired and financially strapped bones.