Thursday, February 2, 2012


I hate being yelled at.
I hate being screamed at.
I hate being belittled by my mother.
I hate her demented behavior where she screams at me because I've done something "stupid."

This was NOT how I was brought up.
These are not the behaviors of MY mother.

Who is this evil woman who has taken over my mother body?

Dammmmm dementia I hate you.


Debbie's Garden said...

When you're done with your visit you feel like you've babysat a room full of 20 two year olds, all in a bad mood with no nap, for 8 hours. You're drained inside and out.

Lizzie said...

I know how you feel. My mom went through that period with her dementia, too. I couldn't believe how mean she was to us, when she was the most loving and caring mom in the world before Alzheimer's came along. We just have to remember that it's the disease that is making it's ugly face known. Our mom is still in there somewhere.