Friday, March 30, 2012


Mom had a large bruise on her upper arm. She said it didn't hurt, she could not tell me where it came from.  "Oh it's nothing!" she dismisses my concern.
I tell the nurse, who already is aware of it. No one knows how it got there.

It could be from when Mom's bed collapsed, she might have caught her arm on the bedpost. It could have been from a blood pressure cuff, elders do bruise more easily.  But it's a mystery.

Yesterday I asked Mom again how her bruise was. She shows me a patch of faint greenish skin. "Oh it's fine, you know I got this bruise when I carried in that huge armful of firewood." and she makes the motions of carrying an armful of logs.
"You're right Mom, that's probably what happened. I'm glad the bruise is going away now."

Carrying in firewood?! She hasn't carried a piece of firewood since 2008. Stuvwxyz has fireplaces, but they are gas fireplaces.

I'm glad she's solved the mystery.

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