Friday, May 25, 2012


Mom is at that next step in her physical deterioration. She is not always able to get to the toilet in time.  It just takes too much time. From the time when her brain tells her "it's time" to the time when she is seated on the toilet.

She has to get up off her chair or bed, stand up, turn around to find her walker, align the walker in the proper direction, walk around chairs, neighbors, and tables to get to her room.  Open the door, pat the cat, open her bathroom door, shuffle to the toilet, turn around, wiggle her buttocks out of her too tight pants... you know the rest.

And perhaps on her long journey there she might get sidetracked by the photos on the bulletin board, her shadowbox, music from the speakers, talking to her aides, pictures on her tv, her mail, the cat, birds at the feeder.... who knows.

It's sad and it's a huge smelly mess.

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