Thursday, October 25, 2012

no more puzzles

There will be no more jigsaw puzzles for Mom. It was something she loved doing, it was something we could still do together, but now it is too much.  She can't even pick up the puzzle piece. I have to put it into her fingers, in the proper orientation, point to the space where it goes, and then watch her for ten minutes try to cram one piece into the one open space, and not get it in.

"Noooo" she wails. Her face gives me a multitude of expressions. Emotions that she can no longer express with words.
No, you are wrong, that piece doesn't go there.
No, don't make me do this, you are torturing me, it is too hard.
No, this piece is the wrong one, why are you teasing me.

There is no connection with shape and void, there is no connection with color matching. All the jigsaw puzzle skills have vanished.

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