Sunday, November 4, 2012


We hear a lot about music and Alzheimer's. I know how important music is to everyone, babies and elders.
This is an interesting video about using music to connect with someone.

So I was thinking... maybe I'll get my guitar out, I think it's time to brush up on all those silly songs, the campfire songs, the songs from Girl Scouts, the hymns, the folk songs, the carols, and all the songs that Mom taught to her second graders.

She doesn't want to watch the birds and flowers.  Putting together puzzles is no longer something she can do.  She can't figure out what to do with a handful of playing cards. She doesn't like looking at magazines, it makes her frustrated.

Maybe it's time to bring my guitar with me when I visit.  Time to try something new.

There is an old saying: when you sing, you pray twice. I sure could use the extra prayers!

Maybe some of Mom's neighbors will sing along with me.

"I've got something in my pocket that belongs across my face... so I take it out and put it on... a great big Brownie smile."  "Smile though your heart is aching. Smile even though it's breaking."


Daisygirl said...

My mom was a Brownie leader for our troop and she taught us that song, but when I sang it to her, she didn't remember it. She likes music, but it's all new to her in her world. It makes me sad.

Mariarose said...

Big hugs Daisygirl.

rainsinger said...

my daughter the expressive arts therapist in training thinks this is a good idea.