Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dad Dad Dad Dad

At the end of my visit with Mom, she wanted to go into her room and lie down.  I helped her pull back the quilt and get under it. I put pillows under her head so she would be more comfortable.
She was yelling at me, she wanted something. "Black! It! Do it! Now! Yes, black!"  Somehow I figured out that she wanted to watch a dvd movie on her tv. (The tv is black, ah-ha!)  I started a movie. Then I went to the other side of her room, where she could not see me, to tidy up some things.

All of a sudden she started yelling my father's name. Over and over and over. Like she was expecting him to yell back from the other side of the house "Yeah, I'm over here. What do you want?"

I walked around to face her "What do you want?" I asked quietly.
She stared at me, confused by what she saw, of course I was not my Dad.

That was strange.

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