Sunday, June 2, 2013

a giggle with Mom

I am in shock. My Mother and I had a giggle together, it was amazing.

As I said last month, Mom has been in a questioning stage.  After she asks this or that question five or six times, I can finally understand what she is trying to say. But then I really don't know how to answer her.
"Were you angry that I was a teacher?"
What is she thinking that she needs to ask this question? What does she really need to know? What is bothering her?
"No, Mom. You really loved being a second grade teacher. You had lots of fun with your students. When you were at Xyz school, I was in school too, a different school."

So the question comes around again to the boyfriend. A man that Mom hung around with for a few years, after Dad passed.  He was nice, but I think he overstayed his welcome. I never had to tell Mom my feelings about their relationship because his cancer returned and he died quickly.  I think he used her, knowing that his cancer had returned, he latched onto her so that he wouldn't have to die alone.  Oh well, they had some good times together.  She can't recall his name when she talks about him now.  "I had a boyfriend" is all she can say.

So, this week she tells me, "I don't have a boyfriend."
"No, Mom, you don't."
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"No, Mom, I don't have a boyfriend."
"Oh," she sighs "I don't have a boyfriend."
She looks at me, and says with incredulity and amazement
"We don't have boyfriends!"
"No we don't" I agree.
She starts to giggle "We don't have boyfriends."
And I start to giggle too "No we don't, oh well."
and we both giggle and laugh at our sorry plight.

(Yes, I do have a husband, Mom doesn't remember that today, but we were talking about boyfriends.)

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