Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sister Monica Joan

Somehow I have been captured by the TV series "Call the Midwife".   The joys and heartache of childbirth and the society of nurses and Sisters that run Nonnatus House.  Nonnatus House provides health services to the people of East London in the early half of the 20th century, most specifically mother and child services.

The character of Sister Monica Joan is that of an amazing woman. She was the first nurse midwife in her area. A driven educated leader of her time.

But when we meet her in this TV series, she is in the last chapters of her life.  Something has scrambled the file cabinet of her knowledge. Sometimes she escapes reality for historical, fictional, or mythological experiences.

The character of Sister Monica Joan shows us the experience of dementia in a powerful, intelligent, and caring person.   I am in awe of this woman, the TV character and the actress who portrays her.

Her character helps to create awareness for dementia illnesses. Her character show us that dementia is NOT an "all or nothing" illness. It creeps in slowly and steals abilities bit by bit.

The actress, Judy Parfitt, who plays the character Sister Monica Joan, has had first hand experience with dementia. Her husband lived with dementia.  You can read her story here: link



Sheri said...

I have thought the same thing! I love that show, and Sister Monica Joan is dear to my heart.

Keira Jones said...

Likewise!! Have you read the books? They have an even truer - though sadder - depiction of the real-life lady's story...

Mariarose said...