Wednesday, November 11, 2009

out to lunch

Sometimes when we go out for lunch, we'll find a small restaurant or a diner. Sometimes we'll find a sandwich shop, a deli, coffee shop, or pizza spot. Sometimes it's the cafe in the book store or the grill at the ice cream stand (with the really good fried fish and onion rings).

Over the past month I've noticed that my mother can no longer order lunch by standing at the counter and selecting items from the menu board. She is really much more comfortable (relaxed, non-agitated) when she sits down and reads a menu.

"I'll have what you're having" I now know is a coping trick. But, she really doesn't like to eat what I like. So, I try to point out things I think she might like. Then she gets mad at me for reading the menu off the board, "I can read you know!"

"I can't eat all that, it's way too much!" Of course it is. Anything you order is way too much. You always take home half of any meal you order.
Which is fine, she might eat twice today.

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Maddie said...

This is exactly how my mother with Alzheimer's acts and my Dad did in his last years. If my mom could just eat ice cream, that would be what she would like!