Wednesday, April 28, 2010

you gotta laugh (or else you'll cry)

If you know what a duvet cover is you can skip down to the next paragraph. A duvet is a quilt (or a down comforter) usually with a washable cover, used in place of a bedspread and top sheet. (So says my dictionary.) So, a duvet cover is a huge fabric pillow-case shape object to keep the comforter clean. In my house it takes two of us to wrestle the freshly laundered duvet cover back onto the comforter.

Last month my Mother had been sick and had to launder all of her bedding. When I got up there, I wanted to make sure she had put her bed back together again, that she had got the mattress pad on, and had enough blankets to keep warm. So I went to the bottom corner of the bed and started leafing through the layers of bedding: quilt, quilt, blanket, sheet, sheet, sheet, sheet - what?!

What was going on? Then it hit me...
Mom had put her duvet cover on her mattress.
She had put this huge bag on her queen size mattress.

"Mom, you put the duvet cover on your mattress."
"Yes, it was really difficult" she said.

I stop myself before I blurt out: WHAT were you thinking?
"Yes Mom, I'm sure it was."

You've gotta laugh - or else you'll cry.
Can you picture her, with the mattress up on its end, trying to maneuver the duvet cover. This is a woman who can no longer lift a ten pound bag of birdseed. A queen size mattress!!!

I didn't point out that it was wrong, I didn't offer to remake her bed.

Mom, what were you thinking? I know, Mom, you weren't thinking, you weren't thinking like the rest of us do, you aren't logical or rational any more. You put clean bedding on the bed.

But, I still think I'm going to find the dirty bedding in a garbage bag in the back of the closet.

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