Friday, July 16, 2010


My Mother's morning aide called me, Mom was in a panic and crying because she had no money in her purse. From what I can gather, Mom had been frantic and worried, perhaps up half the night, because she had little or no cash on hand. I knew Mom was down to her last few dollars, but I would be with her tomorrow, running errands and going to the bank, so I wasn't worried, but I guess she was.

Apparently Mom had been scouring the house, looking for all the loose change, her old coin collections, commemorative coins, and whatever she could find to put into her purse.
The aide said that she had calmed Mom down, rubbed her back, and told her that I was coming tomorrow and would take her to the bank.

Great - now the aide knows where Mom hides her stuff, and what stuff she hides.

Then the aide told me that Mom had called her "Mummu".
"What does that mean?"
It means my Mother called you "Grammy". It means, while you were comforting her, she thought of you as a grandmother she hasn't seen since she was 15 years old. I know you are my age, her daughter's age, not her grandmother's age. You are providing comfort and care that echos back to her relationship with her Mummu, you are taking care of her in a way that only Mummu did. Mummu doted on her, as do you.

I was happy last week when she finally started calling you by your name, not "that woman" or "one of those women". I hope she remembers your name again.

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