Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well, as you know, Mom is now living in an assisted living residence. She is in the independent wing - able to come and go as she pleases - if she pleases. She thinks she is locked in a jail, I can't seem to change her mind about that.
"I'll be here for life."

So now there is a house. A house full of 75+ years of stuff. No, she and my Dad only lived in this house for 20+ years, but Mom saved everything.

Yes, she really did.

Her aunts' confirmation photos and certificates.
The property tax records for her grandparent's farm.
Her father's letters to his father, while he was a hobo during the Great Depression.
Every single student information list, from every year she taught school; and the corresponding list of teachers in her school building. (The phone tree for when there is a snow-day!)
Condolence cards from her mother's funeral 54 years ago.
Every single piece of correspondence with any bank, loan agency, or real estate agent that had to do with ALL three houses my parents have owned. Yes, their first house was purchased in 1958 for $4,500. and the monthly mortgage was $50. (That may have included their homeowner's insurance too.)
Every script for every puppet shows she put on in the 60's and 70's. The patterns for the puppets, and photos and brochures from each performance.
Gift cards for the baby gifts her mother got when she was born.
All the scripts, music, cast notes, and costume notes for every school musical she did with her students; annually for 25 years; and a VCR tape of each performance.
My Father's report cards.
The letter from the school superintendent, giving Mom permission to take a personal day, for the day before my wedding (Hey, I went to work that day! What was she doing?)
The journal from our 1970 vacation, 52 days traveling around the country with a pop-up trailer, we spent $31 on gas. I've even got the extra A and C tickets from Disneyland.

And this is just... the paper. Some of the paper.

I think I'll go clean a closet.

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Betty said...

And it has only just begun. My Mom told me when she went and I open that BIG suitcase, I would hate her. When I popped it open is was jammed with photos from the past 100 years - hardly any noted. I did look up and say, hate, never BUT Why??? Wow- those wonderful puppets.