Thursday, January 13, 2011


Not another book about dementia or being a good caregiver. People are always recommending books for me to read. Some are great and insightful, some are just dull listings of facts and ideas.

When I got "Creating Moments of Joy" from the library, I was surprised at it's small size. I flipped through it: large font and lots of chapters. Something I could easily get through one chapter at a time, as I snatch little bits of reading time throughout the day.

As they say - don't judge a book by it's cover. Once I started reading, I saw my mother and myself in every chapter. I cried, I laughed. I couldn't put it down.

So what, if Mom wears the same clothes everyday. Who is it going to hurt? For her it provides comfort. My thoughts jumped to my four year old son, who wore that blue dinosaur cap everyday for a whole year. It made him happy, that hat.

We hear more and more about living in the moment and seizing the day. And with dementia it is especially true. They are where they are, it might be 1952, but that's where they are now, and we have to be with them where they are, and be kind and loving and compassionate. Isn't this a message for everyone we encounter? It is about how you make someone feel. Don't you want to make someone feel better, to feel joy, even for a tiny moment?

There is no tomorrow, there is only now.


JeanMac said...

People used to recommend movies for me to watch - I would ask if the movie were sad - they would say yes, about AD. Thanks but i have enough sadness Im living everyday - they do mean well, im sure.

NewKidontheBlogg said...

Sounds like a wonderful book. Will have to read it.