Friday, May 6, 2011

honor your Mother

Last post I talked about how Mom's dementia has taken me on a path of lying and stealing, squashing the Commandments left and right.

What about honoring my Mother? I do love her, we had a pretty good relationship and some days now are ok. But many days I don't like this new version of my Mother. I procrastinate on my way to visit her, I put off doing her chores, I can't do what she wants. I'm heartsick.

How can I honor my Mother? I can tell you all thank you for the things you have done for her. I can tell you thank you, because she will never be able to do it herself.

Thank you to my care-giver's support group, for being.

Thank you to Mom's friends, friends who still call and write, who visit her, lead the sing-a-longs, hem her pants, or take her out. She may no longer remember your name, but your friendship makes her happy.

Thank you to Mom's neighbors who plowed her driveway, checked in with her when she was alone, who brought her firewood and drinking water during the storms. For being good neighbors.

Thank you to her doctors and their staff. For continuing to treat her with respect.
(To those of you who don't.. plffffbbbb!)

Thank you to the ladies at Mom's bank. Who "get it". Who helped keep Mom's assets secure. Who helped me quietly and correctly take over Mom's finances.

Thank you to the cousins far away, who call, write, email, and send treats to Mom. She loves getting those photos and licorice.

Thank you to the understanding folks who help me enroll Mom in the new health insurance plan. To those who guide me as I have to refill a long list of meds. Who don't roll their eyes or talk condescendingly to me as I wade through the lingo of Medicare, Medicaid, and donuts.

Thank you to my friends and family. For standing with me as we go through this together.

Thank you especially, to ALL the people at the assisted living. For looking after her with kindness and compassion.

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rainsinger said...

you are welcome and so is she.