Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I carry around a tote bag full of stuff about Mom: my power of attorney, her list of medications, all her doctors' contact information, her insurance card, the contact information for the people at her assisted living, a list of her girlfriends and neighbors, notes from my support group, her checkbook, keys to her house, the garage door opener, any toiletries or cat food that I've purchased to bring to her. You get the idea.
When Mom was still living alone at home, I thought I might have to include a some more personal items, such as a change of undies and slacks, and moist wipes.

Today I read the book review at for the book In Search of the Alzheimer’s Wanderer by Mark Warner, I had a thought. I should have a photo of Mom in my tote bag.

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Debbie's Garden said...

If your Mom is a wanderer, I think something that she's worn that you don't wash (with the smell of her on it) is good too. Maybe you'll have to change that item out once a month. A sweater, scarf, lap blanket, etc. Something to give a scent to a search dog. Depressing huh?