Friday, September 2, 2011

hi Mom

It took Mom a while to recognized me.
I stumbled through "Hi Mom. How are you today Mom? It's good to see you today, Mom."

All the time she just stares at me with a blank look on her face. "Hi Cat, how are you today?" I pat the cat and grit my teeth. I try not to burst out crying, I try not to run hysterically from the room, I try to keep it together.

The blank stare, the hollow expression. Then she finds me.


Linda said...

Ahhh, the blank look. I really hate that blank, lost look. It's distressing on so many levels; there's terrible compassion for the dementia victim, but also an unbearable grief over losing by stages a person we hold dear. I understand that impulse to run from the room. Bless your heart, I'm praying for you now to be strengthened and enabled to receive the love your mom is still able to express...God bless you.

Pamela said...

And then she found you....celebrate that. My mother has not known me for a year but even in the not knowing...we still connect. That will be so for prayer for you.