Wednesday, September 21, 2011

please ask, please tell

Today is the end to Don't Ask Don't Tell.
I feel the same way about Mom and her dementia.
No more secrets.

Please ask, please tell.

Please, ask me how she is. Ask me about her, remind me of who she is and how much you like her. Ask me if it's ok to visit her, ask me if it's ok to write or call. Yes, yes, yes!!!

And tell - tell everyone. My Mom is being destroyed by her dementia. Her original diagnosis is vascular dementia. Does that mean she doesn't have Alzheimer's disease? Maybe, maybe not, but does it really matter? She has an incurable progressive dementia illness that will someday take her from us. So tell, tell everyone what's going on.
Help me raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease. Help the Alzheimer's Association as they help us through this nightmare. Any research done on brain health is good for us all. Any cure for Alzheimer's will provide insight and hope for other brain illnesses.

Today is World Alzheimer's Action Day - please ask - please tell.

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