Saturday, October 8, 2011


There is a lot of sharing that goes on at the assisted living residence. Sharing, borrowing, collecting, redistribution of assets... call it what you will.

But don't call it stealing, it is definitely not stealing. Stealing is when you know something is not yours and you take it anyway.

It's not stealing to walk into your neighbor's room and take their photo album. Because you once had a photo album just like that one, and the people in those photos look just like... her, you know, him, those people.

It's called collecting when your roommate has 15 toothbrushes and 6 tubes of toothpaste you have 0.

It's called redistribution of assets when the once all green bath towels are now burgundy, blue, yellow, and white.

Yes, when I first moved Mom to assisted living I put her name inside all her books, I labeled all her dvds, I ironed name tags into all her clothing. I wrote her name on all her sheets and towels. Now it really doesn't matter, does it? Her stuff is around there someplace. Her hair brush could be visiting with a neighbor. And, whose lace curtains are these, on the back of Mom's chair?


Debbie's Garden said...

My goodness how will you find it all?! We're looking at putting Mom in assisted living 11/1 or 12/1 when room is available. and I'm just starting to make a list of things and figuring how to label it all. I didnt realize everyone was in everyones room like that.Your suggestions for this would be appreciated.

Tracy said...

That you for sharing your blog. My Mother just moved in to a Alz unit 4 months ago. We soon found things she collected and have to look in other rooms for her shoes. At first I couldn't understand why or how this was happening. Why are the attendents not watching them. Now we know and understand. We know where to find her stuff now too. She is safe, well cared for. We try not to sweat the small stuff. I really enjoy reading your blog, knowing I'm not the only one going thru this.

donna said...

Thanks for the fun post...You have such a great attitude about the "stuff". Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Mariarose said...

On the independent wing of assisted living, it's more like living in a dorm. Individual folks in private rooms. But, in the very-assisted wing of assisted living; it is more like family living. Everyone is living together, with separate bedrooms. There is a different feel in each environment. Both "homey" in their own way.