Sunday, April 22, 2012


My mother was once a VERY social person, a do-er, a go-er, a joiner.  She was always part of all the groups. Now she is not. 

She has been in assisted living for fifteen months.  She has not learned anyone's name, she doesn't even seem to want to.  She has not tried to make friends. She has not reached out to her neighbors for their companionship. She has not tried to connect with the staff. She is alone.

When I call her neighbors and staff by their names, she asks me "How do you know their names?"
"You just read their name tags" I want to snap back at her, but I don't.

There is a wall between her and everyone else.  There is a wall between her chaotic mind that contains only her and her cat, and the rest of us. She will never cross that wall and join us. She is alone, and lonely, on her side of the wall. 

Dammmmmm dementia I hate you.

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