Thursday, July 19, 2012


Again, I am buying my Mother more pants, she is growing and outgrowing her slacks.

Mom use to buy her favorite slacks from j.c.p.  For the past few years I have been able to replace her favorite pants easily.   But they have recently discontinued that line of clothes. Don't they know I have a Mother with dementia - who will ONLY wear what she knows and likes already?!!! I guess this line of clothes was too ordinary - too basic. But it was great for the way my casual seventy-something Mother likes to dress.

I went to the local consignment shop. I'm looking for elastic waist cotton slacks: denims... chinos... something similar to what she likes to wear, but in the next larger size.  I find one pair, and another, and another. Wow I've hit it big  --  pun intended!  I check the labels to make sure they are really all the right size.  Then I see them. Sarah's name tag is ironed into each pair of slacks.  My heart sinks.  I start to cry, right there in the consignment shop.

Most adults don't have nametags in their clothing.  It's not like Sarah had a great winter at WeightWatchers and now needs a new svelte wardrobe. It's not like Sarah went to summer camp and needed her clothes labeled.

Why doesn't Sarah need all her slacks?
Who has had to clean out Sarah's closet?


rainsinger said...

My dear friend,
Your gentle heart breaks for every one of us saying the long good-bye. I join you in your tears. I will be there to help you clean mom's closet, as you are there for me. God's Grace is there. Grace connected us so long ago. Grace connected you with Sarah's gift to you. And your compassionate and deeply felt tears have blessed her family for their gift to you and your mom. And now, with Grace We will continue to get through this together. Her message? None of us are alone in this.


Tracy said...

Oh how I know. The same thing happened to me with my Mom! JCPenneys,, Cabin Creek pants? I cried in the store. I was so sad and felt lost at what to do, where to find something like it with no zippers. I'm sorry, it's hard.
Was it Cabin Creek pants?

Mariarose said...

Yes Tracy.