Thursday, July 4, 2013

my super-suit

Have you seen the movie The Incredibles? It's an animated movie about two super heroes who marry and have a family of children who also have super powers. And these parents are just as regular, quirky, and as embarrassing to their kids as any other parents.

"Honey? Where's my super-suit?"

I want Edna "E" Mode to make me a super-suit.  "Simple, elegant, yet BOLD!"

My super-suit will be purple, not only because I look good in purple, but because it is the color of Alzheimer's.  My super-suit will be Teflon coated, so that the dementia-crap my Mother throws my way can slide off. It will shield my heart from the weird and nasty words that fly out of my Mother's mouth.  It will remind me that I have the power and inner strength to cope with this nightmare.

My super-suit will "breathe like Egyptian cotton... and be machine washable", just like the super-suits that Edna made for the Incredibles.

And no cape!

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