Thursday, December 19, 2013

glasses part 6

So the saga of Mom's glasses continues...  I got her a third pair of glasses, exactly like the two she had. Had, as is past tense. Had as in: one pair she stepped on and broke and the other pair had completely disappeared.

I thoroughly searched her room for this missing pair of glasses. I looked in and under the heaters, in and under her bed and pillows, in all her drawers. They were just gone. Her aides and the housekeeping staff have been looking for them too. 

But now Mom has three pairs of glasses.  A local optometrist managed to solder her broken frames together. They're not pretty but they work. And miracle of miracles her missing pair of glasses were found.  They were in her neighbor's bureau, under the clothing.  How did they get there? An aide found them when she was putting away laundry. Yipee!  I was so afraid they might have slipped into a trashcan.

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