Tuesday, July 15, 2014

beautiful things

Not everything beautiful, that God has made, lasts forever.

Sunsets, warm orange, cool pinks, dusky gray, elusive green. There are certain sunsets that stay with you forever, you remember them, even though they are fleeting.  A windy sunset at Lands End in San Francisco with my husband. A fire red sunset in Key West with my children. A frosty pink and yellow sunset at our new home.

The Perseid meteor shower on a warm August night.

Did you ever go to a concert, and the musicians were so connected that night, the performance was so tight, the music was so beautiful, it made you cry?

The beauty of a sand dune at the ocean.

Being at the top of a mountain with a spectacular view, and a trail of pure white snow, untouched, at your feet for skiing. The snow has never been this perfect for skiing, ever.

Fresh warm ripe strawberries, just picked, the red juice running all over your hands and chin.

A rainbow that stretches from one side of the field, all all all the way up and over, to touch down on the other side of the field.

Fireworks, I love fireworks. They are such a delight.

The bouquet of flowers from my love.

Being at Zion National Park and realizing that you are not able to drink it all in. You can't possible remember how awesome it all is, as you look around at the glory. And your sadness when you realize that you'll never return to see it. You want to just be and enjoy.

Not everything beautiful, that God has made, lasts forever.

There are so many wonderful things in this world that are only here for a very short time. The three seconds of a firework, or the brief million years of Zion National Park.

Where did these pondering come from?

Our friends lost their little son. He just got sick and died. So unexpected, so sad.  He was so beautiful, so joyful, so loved... and now he's gone... like a beautiful rainbow we'll never forget.

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Keira Jones said...

That is very true - sometimes the most wonderful things in this life are the most fleeting...

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DG x