Friday, August 1, 2014

all the mothers

I felt you all with me, all the mothers, on Wednesday.  You were all there, I felt you surrounding us with your love.  We were all there to witness the birth of our baby girl, my granddaughter.

Mom, you were there, I heard you crying with joy, just like me, when she was born.  (I also heard you telling me to slow down in the car on the way there so I wouldn't get a speeding ticket, like you did.)

Chris, I held your daughter for you, as she labored, and whispered your love and encouragement in her ears, for you. She did such a good job. Your daughter is an awesome mommy now. You would be so proud of her.

Great great grandmother, I heard you laughing. Yes, they named her after you. It is a beautiful name.  May she grow up to be a nice and loving person, just like you.

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