Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sisters and brothers

I am the only girl in my family. No sisters for me. I finally got my sisters when family marriages provided me with a bunch of great sister-in-laws.

Monday, I had a pretty good visit with Mom. She didn't yell or grouch at me. I think our visits are better when we leave her apartment and spend our time in the common areas of the assisted living residence. There is a nice sun porch, a homey kitchen with coffee and snacks, a library, and a cozy living room with fireplace and comfy chairs.

Of course being in these public areas, we are in the public areas. People wave, say hi, or stop by and chat; residents and staff alike.
"Are you coming to the holiday party?"
"Did you try those cookies?"
"We found her hamper, it was with her laundry."
"That jigsaw puzzle is hard."
"The man who painted these pictures lives here too."
"Did your Mom get her mail yet?"

As I was leaving, one of the staff told me some more about how Mom is adapting. The positive points and the areas where she is still not participating.

Right then I felt like I had acquired a dozen sisters and brothers.
I have these thoughtful people who are helping me to take care of my Mother.
Someone to cook for her. Someone to do her laundry. Someone to check that she showered this week. Someone to help her move her furniture. Someone to sand the icy walk. Someone to see she takes her meds. And someone to say "Hey, how are you today?"

I felt some of the weight rise off my shoulders and fly away.