Friday, June 24, 2011

use the good dishes

Did you ever hear that adage, that you should use the good dishes?

I was reminded of that yesterday when I visited Mom. Here at her assisted living residence, where people are living the final chapters of their lives, they are "using the good dishes", literally and figuratively.

Everybody there knows my Mom. Everybody knows her business. As a shy and reserved person, sometimes I am taken aback by all this "in your face" intimacy. However, as I have said before, it's like I have acquired a dozen sisters and brothers who are taking care of Mom. They are there for her, they know her needs, they are responsive to her, and they accept her as she is. Which is sometimes hard for those of us who knew her from "before".

Yesterday I saw the chef having a game of chess with one of the residents. He was feeding the soul as well as the body.

One staff member helped Mom tell me all about the outing they had the other day. Not by talking to me over Mom's head. But by talking and reminiscing with Mom about all the fun they had had together on that outing.

When the local bridge club meets at the assisted living residence, they are served coffee and cookies on the good dishes, the pretty cups and saucers on a big flowery tray. Not paper cups and cookies in a plastic sleeve.

Every day is a special day, use the good dishes - what are you saving them for?

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