Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aunt J

Mom's Aunt J__ was a headstrong and critical woman, someone who was always hard to please. Aunt J__ has been gone for almost twenty years.

Mom likes wearing her favorite pair of jeans, she wants to wear them every day. This faded pair of jeans are too small, they are ready to burst at the seams. I show her her other clothes in her closet.
"Those aren't my pants, I don't know who put those clothes there, I can't wear those clothes."
"Mom, your name is on these clothes, they must be yours."
"I don't have a closet, those clothes aren't mine."

"Aunt J__ stole my jeans" she says, patting her thigh, "but I got them back."
"Oh really?"
"Yes, Aunt J__ stole my jeans!"

Oh no, I hope that Mom does not think of one of her aides is Aunt J__. That would not be good. The aide that probably took Mom's jeans to the laundry.

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