Monday, August 22, 2011

two years

It's been two years that I've been blogging about Mom and this nightmare of dementia. As I look back, I think this journey started in 2006, something was just not right with Mom.

Quirky self isolating behaviors.
The excuses - the covering - the coping -

I don't have to go to every meeting.
You do it.
Write that down for me.
I'll do it later.
That phone doesn't work.
I'm fine.
The computer isn't working again.
I had to buy a new printer the other one wouldn't work.
This remote control doesn't work.
You have to come and take me to the doctors now.
This key doesn't work.
I'm going to heat up some V-8 juice for supper.
I don't want to drive after dark.
The grass is wet I'll mow it tomorrow.
I had to drive down there to turn around.
The garage door opener is broken.
I don't feel like it.
You have to fix this computer now.
This ATM card won't work.
Get your nose out of my business.

It seems like she couldn't solve problems. She could not gather the right thoughts to help her deal with obstacles or to handle situations that were different.

So when she turned off the computer's surge protector, and then the next day she wanted to use the printer and it didn't work, she "solved" the problem by buying a new printer.

So when the smoke detector went off because she forgot her dinner on the stove. She "solved" the problem by silencing the smoke detector with a broom handle.

So when she misplaced her key ring, instead of looking on the key rack for the spare keys, she ordered new lock and keys for the P.O. box and new keys for the car.

And instead of asking for help, she denied that anything was wrong and covered her mistakes.

I wish my Mother could have been brave like Janet.

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Debbie's Garden said...

Looking back you think HOW COULD I HAVE NOT KNOWN?!
I would also add mean spirited to my list. Selfishness.
Mom hurt my daughters feelings so many times I told my daughter to quit calling her.